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Pure White, Heavy distressing (chippy)

Top: Java Gel Stain

Custom Colour. Artisan's Enhancement Gold Foil

Primer Red.  Slight Distressing. Clear Wax

Top: Java Gel Stain, Bottom: Emperor's Silk, Dark Wax

Coca (outside), custom colour (inside).  No distressing

Kitchen Cabinetry in custom colour

Chairs in Coco with custom upholstery.  Table base custom colour. 

Provence.  No distressing. Clear wax

Graphite. Union Jack in Emperor's Silk, Napoleonic Blue, Old White, Dark Wax

Duck Egg with Gold foil accents.

General Finishes Java Gel Stain.  Custom colour bottom.

Aubusson Blue with Dark Wax

Graphite outside.  Custom mixes of Napoleonic Blue and Barcelona Orange.  Smooth Finish

Country Grey.  Stencil in Graphite.  Slight Distressing
Painting Fabric! Graphite

Milk Paint.  "Chippy" look

Old White.  Slight Distressing

Custom colour

Graphite with slight distressing.  Country Grey interior


Coco, no distressing

Duck Egg, slight distressing

Old White, slight distressing
2 colour distressed (Old Violet, Old White)

Olive green, slightly distressed, dark wax

French Linen with dark wax. Stencil in Graphite

Minwax Jacobean stained top with Graphite bottom

Minwax Jacobean stained top with Old White bottom

Graphite with slight distressing

Emperor's Silk with minimal distressing and dark wax

Old White with minimal distressing.  Doors are done in chalk board paint.

Paris Grey with distressing

Old White with distressing

Old White with heavy distressing

Counry Grey, distressed with dark wax

Arles Yellow with minimal dark wax

French Linen

Top stained Jacobean.  Bottom Old White, distressed

Old White, distressed

Paris Grey, distressed with dark wax

White Wash

Custom Colour
Top stained in Jacobean.  Legs Coco

Upholstered in Burlap.  Base Pure White, distressed

2 colour technique - Country Gray & Red

Country Grey distressed with dark wax

Country grey highly distressed with dark wax

White wash over natural oak
White slightly distressed

Country grey highly distressed with dark wax

Red with slight distressing and dark wax

White with slight distressing

White with distressing and dark wax

2 colour distressing.  Blue and white

Graphite with slight distressing

Scandinavian Pinkk with slight distressing

Paris Grey

Scandinavian Pink
Solid white & upholstery

Interiors & Exteriors

Dining Room

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Powder Room

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Custom Kitchen

Girl's Bedroom

Girl's Bedroom
Kid's Bath

Girl's Bedroom

Custom Exterior

Custom Kitchen

Dining Room

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Kid's Toy Room

Home Office

Home Office
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Custom Kitchen

Custom Kitchen

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Powder Room

Girl's Bedroom

Girl's Bedroom

Girl's Bedroom