Sep 27, 2017

Waterford Antique Market

On this perfect, beautiful September day, the Mr. and I decided to take a road trip to Waterford, Ontario to visit my most absolutely favourite place ever.  The Waterford Antique Market.  You could honestly walk this place for hours without seeing everything.

In the midst of cleaning out my basement to build my workshop, I purged a lot of furniture and decor items I had been holding onto for years.  As much as I love a good spring cleaning, I have zero inventory right now!!  Time to start furniture hunting!!

Although Waterford Antique Market doesn't have a lot of super cheap furniture for painting, it holds mounds and mounds of inspiration.  Just walking from booth to booth motivates me and inspires me to create something beautiful.

Take the time and take the drive to Waterford... you'll see.  It's worth it!

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