Oct 6, 2014

Mahogany Hall Table Before & After!

Recently, a friend of mine that lives just 2 doors down was moving, and rather than be burdened with moving her beat up and outdated furniture, she left it with me to refinish.... The best part, she says "Do whatever you want.  Work your magic!"... music to my ears.

The first piece I completed was this gorgeous sugar cane hall table.  I didn't want to change it too much, since it was a beauty on it's own, but it definitely needed some work.  You can see the table top was in rough shape.

I sanded the top down and gave it several coats of Minwax Jacobean stain (my favourite colour), and the bottom is finished with Annie Sloan Graphite.

Here's another "Before" pic of the roughed up top...

I'll post pics of the other projects I finished for my neighbour soon!!!


  1. Nice work.. Your sanding and staining look perfect.. I didnt know that the top was that "worn".. Looks very finished - very nice..

  2. You have a real eye for knowing when to stain a top piece and paint the bottom. I love this piece. I hope your customer is happy with it.


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