Jun 10, 2014

Emperor's Silk Buffet

I bought this stunning buffet from The Painted Bench eons ago and had planned to paint it Arles Yellow.  I had it in my dining room for months, and just couldn't get the guts to actually paint it yellow.  So, I went with red instead.  Ha.  Funny how I have no issues painting anything red, but yellow scares me.  

I'm happy with how it turned out.  In my house, you can never go wrong with red furniture.  I think I'll actually keep this one!!! Gasp.  I know, I'm actually keeping something (until of course, someone walks in my house and asks to buy it, which happens with most of my pieces)..

Anyway, here is the beauty's make over.... 

Yes, I paint in my dining room!


  1. this piece is amazing....red scares me, but yellow doesn't duhhh. lol. I have a vintage piece that needs a nice colour, but im scared!! how do you make it look so smooth, how many coats and how many times do you sand? thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Gorgeous! I have a whole suite almost exactly like this, but my daughter will NOT let me paint it!


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