Apr 12, 2014

Rocking Chairs in Old White

I had a wonderful new client drop off this rocker a couple of weeks ago.  I must admit that when I saw it had a cane back and seat I was instantly stressed.  Cane takes forever to paint!!! But, the end product was worth it!  This piece turned out beautiful.

 Painting cane with a itty biity brush.... not fun.

 Here it is all complete.  (Her friend brought one over as well!)

Soooooo much "Old White" this week!!!


  1. Looks really good.. the chairs ended up looking really good - I'm sure tons of people have old rockers. The white is really nice but I would have gone with black or that "fire engine" red with the dark wax..

    You get better every project Cait - you are very talented.

  2. it is a very good rocking chairs.and the prides are chairs and other furniture system. it is use for children. and his images are very good looking.

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