Feb 17, 2012

Botanical Prints

I have always wanted to do a wall of botanical prints, and finally, I have the space.
It took a few days, but it's complete and I love it!!!

Here's a little "how-to"!
I bought the frames from Ikea.  Just $14.99 each.

I downloaded my favourite prints from vintageprintable.com, resized them to 8x10" and uploaded to costco.com.  Just $30 bucks later, I had them printed!!

I absolutely hate hanging pictures even and symmetrical like this because I never get it right.  Especailly with Ikea frames since they come with hooks and wire.  So hard to get the wire at the same height on each frame.
So, I bought this cool picture hangers from Walmart.  With these I am able to attach the hardware in the exact same spot on each frame.  Makes it so much easier to measure and get it even on the wall!!!

So then, I measured out the wall, not once, not twice, but three times and voila!!

Here's a little Before & After!!