Dec 4, 2012

Recreating an Inspiration Room (Special Edition!!)

Why is this a special edition you may ask?  Because I am using this inspiration shot on my own house!  And, I am going to share with you my plans on how to make my house, the house of my dreams.  Pay attention Honey!!!

Look at this house.  It's stunning.  It's my dream home.  And this is how I plan on making my home, look just like this.  One day, one day.

Here's my house.

Now, I am in no way any sort of contractor.  I have no idea if my plan is even feasible.  I am well aware that it is going to cost me as much as a new house, but I don't care.  It's my plan, and my dream, and this is my blog :P

Look, this is basically my house.  9 windows, front door - can you see it???

First thing - rip out portico and add a porch just like the one in the inspiration picture.  The porch roof can extend from the garage all the way to the other side.  Add 4 columns, and a railing.

The inspiration room has round columns, but I'd like square.

Luckily, I just got a new roof, so I can get the new porch roof to match.

There are a few railing options.  But for sure I want the railing to be black, and the spindles white.

See how I'd paint the railing black, and spindles white

Or, no railing at all?!?!
Next, I'd paint my shutters black and the window casings white.

Then, replace my garage doors in white.

Then I'll cover my porch floor in some white, PVC porch flooring.  Cool stuff eh?!?!
It's plain ugly concrete right now.

At this point, I'd think about either painting the brick or siding it??
I'd love to just paint the brick white and call it a day.  It would be a cheap fix, but I'd worry about "cheapening" the house.  So, I've considered siding the entire home.  It would cost a fortune, but my house would be the pimpest house on the block.

I love vertical board and batten siding.

I found these pictures on the Canadian Tire Christmas flyer!!

So that's my plan.  I know there are lots of small details to take into consideration.  The windows, soffit, facia blah blah blah.  But I can sort all of those out with my contractor.
What do you think?  I'm crazy eh!?!?

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