Dec 27, 2011

The House!

Not much of an intro needed.  My house. Complete and waiting for me.

It still needs work... Bathroom mirrors, kitchen lights, and window coverings.... but I couldn't be more proud.

Front Foyer
Dining Room

Dining Room.  You can see how we face the green space.

My dream white kitchen.

Still need to hang the 3 mercury glass pendant lights

It even has a Sweeper Vac ;)  Also, I'll be adding cris cross grids in the window cabinets.

The top cabinets above the fridge will be changed to glass in the new year.  

The living room. 

Stairs to the Loft

14' Ceilings
Laundry/Mud Room and stairs to basement

Master Bedroom.  Seriously need window coverings!!!

The office is attached to the master bedroom

Master Bath. 

They screwed up my counter top...tear. Not that I mind a little extra carrera marble, I just really wanted a beige granite.  Oh well.

I love this bath tub.  The surround is just beautiful.  All custom. Pictures do it no justice.

The shower.  Fought with builder over this one. I wanted square, but he wouldn't do it. "Square leak. I get ou good canadian round."  LOL

My closet. 

On the way to the loft

The awesome loft

The kids are going to have a blast up here!
Grace's princess room

Love the doors

Hallway to Grace's room

James's room.  Not sure what I want to do in here just yet.

James's room. Poor guy - seriously need window coverings!
The kids bath.   

The walls are grey.  They look quite blue in this pic. 

The mirror and light fixtures need H E L P!
That's it.  Now, you have seen my house.  I love it and can't wait to move in (tomorrow!). It's the perfect size and perfect location.  Please, please, please let this be 'the one'. I hate moving!!!

Dec 26, 2011

DIY Door Mat

For Christmas this year, I wanted to give my favourite ladies a  special gift made by yours truly.  So here it is.  A personalized door mat.  I'll be making one for me once I am settled in the new house. I just love how it turned out!

Start off with a natural fiber door mat. Purchase from any local hardware store.  I got this one from WalMart for about $7 bucks!

Next, tape off your border.  I just did 8 long pieces of tape and the used my knife to cut out the overlap.

Then, print out your initial and cut it out using a sharp knife.

Use spray adhesive to adhere the initial to the mat and go bananas with black spray paint.

Taaaaaa Daaaaa

Pottery Barn's for $76.00.  Mine is way cooler!!!

Dec 12, 2011

Finally, I can cook again!

My appliances are being delivered tomorrow! This is my 4th time buying new appliances.  Yeaaaa, we move a lot. 
Anyway, I really wanted a kitchen with all the same brand.  I went with KitchenAid since they had the best priced gas-on-gas slide in range (I think it may be the same as my moms!)
I really wanted a plain bottom mount fridge, but got sucked into the pretty looking trio.  And I really wanted a Bosch dishwasher, but I didn't want to loose focus on my all-the-same-brand-kitchen!

So, here they are.... 

and, best for last....Laundry.  Ryan always wants the laundry team with all the bells and whistles, but c'mon...who's really doing the laundry???  This is all MY choice!!!  I hate front loading machines.  You have to buy pedestals to raise them up to a decent height which can set you back another $300-500 bucks.  No thanks.  And, they stink.  I really don't want to have to wash my washer.  I have never been failed by the Whirlpool duet team.  I got the brand new version and I couldn't be happier (unless they came in red :( ).  A top load washer with no agitator, so it acts just like a front load...but way more practical in my books.  And all for just $1500 bucks. 

Dec 6, 2011

Whoa, Copper!

That is some shiny copper!
Check out my matching light fixtures.... I love them x 1000

The stairway going up to the loft.  This is where my stair post (from the previous post) will be.  I'll be making some burlap or linen lamp shades for the sconce.  It's a little too formal for me, but I like that it looked more like wall art, rather than a light fixture.

(Check out the moulding...xoxox)

Fireplace in action..... Still needs the stone and built ins below the windows.

Dec 2, 2011

A few interior pics

I've been trying really hard to get some great shots of the inside, but there has been so many people working inside the new house, I've just been taking a few quick snaps here and there.

 Here's a shot of the foyer.  No light fixture yet, but I can't wait until it goes up.  The hardware will be black and I have asked them to redo the hinges black.  There is also supposed to be a half wall dividing the foyer from the dining room (on the left).  I icksnayed it, but I am second guessing myself on that one.  errrrrr.

 One of my most favourite things.  My custom made stair post.    It's huge, and a piece of art on my eyes!!!! I had a matching one made for the kitchen support beam under the counter.  I LOVE it!!!

 This is a quick picture of a window in the loft.  Check out the view!!!  Nothing but a pumpkin patch.  I love the country.
Looking into the mudroom/laundry room.  I wanted to take a shot of the outstanding moulding.  Not a great picture.  More to come....
Is it weird that I want to sleep in my kitchen and snuggle my range hood?

The office is attached to the Master Bedroom.  I left it open with an archway since there wasn't enough room for pocket doors.  Don't mind the ugly light fixture - I switched that up last week and am having them flip the ceiling fan blades to the walnut stain rather than oak.  bahaha I am so picky.

Can December 15th come any slower??????????