Oct 26, 2011

I May Shed a Tear

When it is all complete, I may cry tears of joy.  My dream kitchen is all coming together.  Here are the most recent plans from my designer.  I've increased the raised section on the island (to hide my consistently full of dishes sink!), and I've moved the microwave to the island.  I'll be getting rid of 3 out of 4 drawers and shoving it in there.  I didn't want to waste precious cabinet space on my stupid microwave!  Besides, Sarah Richardson always puts her microwave below the counter!!!

And here are some of the finishes...
~White Cabinets
~Metal/Crystal Cabinet Pull and Brushed Nickel Cap Pull from richelieu.com
~Marble 2"x4" Backsplash
~Ivory/Brown Granite Counter
~3 Mercury Glass Pendants from Westelm.com

Oct 21, 2011

Decisions, Decisions.

I am having such a hard time choosing light fixtures for the new house.  Actually, it hasn't been that difficult choosing fixtures, it's just been difficult choosing fixture under $1000 a piece!!!

I finally found the ones posted below.  I'll have to take a trip to Buffalo to pick them up (not that I mind!), but I can't decide on which ones to put where.  I need one for the foyer and one for the dining room.  Help!!

The Inspiration Picture





I am also having a hard time deciding on which pendant lights to put in the kitchen.

Inspiration Picture


Oct 16, 2011

Some Updates

It is just awesome watching this whole process.  I have this vision in my head and now it is coming to life.  I can't believe this is MY house....all mine :)

Of course, looking back there are a few things I would change, but overall, I really love this house.  I can't wait until it's all done!!!

Maybe we'll actually live in this house for longer than 2 years. ;)

Standing in the great room, facing the kitchen

The Master Bedroom

The bay window in the dining room.  So glad we are facing the green space
My granite countertop (Ivory Brown)
A sample of my cabinetry.  It looks very white in this pic, but it's actually slightly off-white

Dormer or No Dormer

So, I got a call from my builder late one night, asking me to drive over to the house to see if I still wanted a dormer above the front door.  He thought it would be too busy, and we should just scratch it, but the third dormer was in the original plan and he wasn't about to go and change it without my approval.  I was impressed that he cared enough to call me.

Here's a pic without the dormer.

I've never believed in 'less is more'...

Week 4

Oct 8, 2011

Oct 1, 2011

Great Day!

This morning, I headed out with my builder to do a little shopping.  We drove all the way to Vaughn to pick out my granite and hard wood.  Unfortunately, the granite store was moving locations, so the warehouse was quite empty.  I'll have to go back in a week or so.

But, I was very successful picking out my hard wood.  They didn't have exactly what I wanted, so I am having it made.  A 4 1/4" plank....oak....dark walnut stain...distressed...and 35% gloss.  Make sense???  It's gorgeous.  I'll get a sample in about 4 weeks.

We also took a trip to Sarana Tile in Hamilton.  That's where I get to choose out my tiles for the washrooms and kitchen.  There was SO much to choose from.  I'm glad I went for a quick window shop so next time I go I can be more prepared to actually make some decisions.

All in all it was a great day.  We even popped by a Polish shop to pick up sausage and pickles!!!  I'm pumped to move into my glam home, but I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with decisions.  Really, what do you pick out first?  Granite, backsplash, light fixtures, door knobs, faucet, sink.  I'm just going to have to trust my (educated) instincts...Stick to the vision :)

Here are some updated picks of the new crib.

The green space that our house faces.

Apparently a park is going in this year.

Front of the house.

This is the view from my front curb.

The pumpkin patch at the end of our court.  Just 2 houses away!

I still feel like we are in the country..well, I guess we are!

This is on the house a few streets away.  I picked out the same door, but mine is frosted glass.  I'll have it painted, but I am sure it'll take me 3 months to decide on a colour!!!