Aug 24, 2011

Exterior Stone

This morning I made the trip to Patene in Brantford ( to pick out the exterior stone, brick and roof for the new house.  I had a great salesman named Peter to give me a hand.  I had the poor guy dragging samples all over the showroom to make sure I made the right choice.

I absolutely did not want anything too bland.  I am not a fan of houses that have the same colour everything - all gray brick, stone, roof, etc...  Everything had to match the copper window roof, but too matchy, matchy.... I wanted something with a bit of contrast, and something that no one else has... But, I don't want my house to stick out.  (My Mom bugs me all the time - "you get mad when some one comments on your new hair cut, but if they don't say anything, you get mad as well"...bahahah, that's me!)

Anyway, I spent hours last night looking through photos for inspiration.  I picked out a beautful Cultured Stone Country Ledgestone, but of course Peter tells me it's an upgrade and will set me back at least $5-10k.  No thanks. 

I ended up choosing a beautiful Lafitt stone in a new colour called "Berkley Brown".  A Paisley brick in "Old Ashfield", and a Timberline shingle in "Barkwood".

The brick was an upgrade, but I convinced him to just give it to me!!!

The final samples.

Lafitt stone in "Berkley Brown"

Example of Lafitt Stone.  Not my colour though!!

Another example of Lafitt Stone.

And one more!
Timberline shingle in "Barkwood"

Example of the "Barkwood" shingle
Can you imagine all of this with carriage style garage doors, copper window roof and a bold colour front door.  ohhh, I can't wait!!

Aug 20, 2011

My new obsession

I can't stop!

Here's my new kitchen idea.

Aug 18, 2011

For My Mom

How many years has it been, and the room still isn't quite finished!  So, I made this for my mom.
Love you...

Aug 16, 2011

It's been a long weekend

I know, this has nothing to do with home decor!  But, I've had a tough week filled with emotional drama, and sometimes I just need an outlet.  Surprisingly, blogging has provided that for me.
I hate it when people do this to me and my loved ones.... so, if I ever do it to you, I promise to not take offense when you point it out.


Mind Your Own Business
Donnie V. Rader

One of the commands of God that we sometimes act as if we haven't read is the one that tells us to mind our own business. The text says, "that you also aspire to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business, and to work with your own hands, as we commanded you" (1 Thess. 4:11, emphasis mine DVR, NKJV).
Yes, the Bible actually tells us to mind our own business! Thus, we need to consider some ways we sometimes violate this instruction and just how serious that is.

It Is a Sin

Remember that sin is a violation of the law of God (1 In. 3:4). Since the law of God tells us to mind our own business and not another's (1 Thess. 4:11), then it would be a sin to behave contrary.
In the second letter to the Thessalonians, Paul stated that there were some in the church who were "busybodies" (2 Thess. 3:11). A busybody is one who is not busied in his own business, but over busied in that of others' (Vines). If he did not cease his practice, he was to be disfellowshiped (2 Thess. 3:6-15). That tells how serious being a busybody (minding the business of other people) can be. God said such a one is "disorderly."

How We Are Sometimes Guilty

1. In our conversation. Quite often we find ourselves talking about other people, the decisions they make, their money, the things they do, what they buy and what we think about all of that. It may be that the things we talk about are personal which should not be of any concern to us.
Some take it on themselves to meddle by thinking they must tell others exactly what they think about their life decisions or how they handle their money or children.
We sometimes ask questions about things that are none of our business. We sometimes ask about conversations that do not concern us.

2. In family relationships. It is very easy for parents to mind the business of their children who are married and have families of their own. Some parents treat their grown children as if they were still kids, telling them what to do. When parents feel that they have to make critical comments on their grown children's money, looks, clothes and children they are minding business that is not theirs. Why is it that some parents feel that they need hold the reigns on their adult children and meddle in their affairs?
Some are failing to recognize that a new family has been established and God has established the husband as the head of that family (Gen. 2:24; Eph. 5:31).

Some Questions to Ask Yourself

Before we get too carried away asking questions, telling what we know or passing on our advice let us ask ourselves the following questions: 
(1) Is this really any of my business? 
(2) Have I been invited into this matter? 
(3) Will my action of asking or telling possibly do more harm than good? 
(4) Will others think that I am minding other people's business?

Botanical Prints

 I love the look of multiple prints on a wall to form a gallery.  My favourite are botanical prints.  The best part of this project, is that it is cheap and fairly easy to accomplish.  There are a few great places online that you can find printable prints for F-R-E-E!!!

Try these:
New York Public Library Digital Gallery
Add these to some nice Ikea frames, and you are good to go!!!

Aug 11, 2011


If you know me even just a little bit, you'll know that I am absolutely addicted to fabric.  I love experimenting with beautiful patterns, bold colours, and fabrics that you think don't match, but actually do!!!

My Grandmother is a seamstress, a quite successful one, I must say.  She lives about 18 hours away in Thunder Bay, so I grew up not really having her in my life.  But somehow, her love for sewing was passed down to me.  It kills me everyday having her so far away, because I would just love to spend hours with her and absorb all of her knowledge.  Maybe one day, when the kids are older, I'll sneak away for a few days and sit at Marka's sewing machine with her.... hummmm, one day.

I buy majority of my fabric online.  Sure, it's great going through a fabric store and being able to touch and feel the fabrics, but it's tough to find exactly what your looking for, and when you do, you'll pay big for it.  Shopping online allows you to get exactly what you want, and you can always find a great deal!

A few tips for ordering online:
  • Always be sure to read the description closely.  It will tell you the weight, content, width, and pattern repeat of the fabric.  You don't want to try and reupholster your chairs with a poly/lycra fabric!!!
  • If you are ordering a designer fabric, google it!  You'll be surprised what kind of pictures you find.  You'll be able to see other people's projects using the same fabric, and get a better idea of what you are ordering.
  • Always buy your fabric before your paint.  Paint comes in thousands of colours, but your favourite fabric, only comes in one!
  • If you find something you love in a fabric store, write it down and search for it online.  Chances are, you'll find it a heck of a lot cheaper.
  • Ask lots of questions.  Many website offer live, online help.  Ask whatever you like. 
  • Order samples before you commit.  Lots of places offer free or low cost samples.
  • Always make sure they ship to Canada (or your area!) and don't be intimidated by shipping charges.  Sometimes a site will charge you a HUGE shipping fee, but that doesn't mean it still isn't a great deal.  I ordered my bedroom windows panels online, and I paid $80 shipping.  Crazy, I know.  But the curtains were so dirt cheap, that it was still a steal.  I couldn't have made them for that cheap.
Here are my two favourite on line shops!!!
This is an actually store located in Toronto.  It's always on the show "Design Inc." .  The best part about this site, is that you can actually borrow samples.  You pay $6 shipping, and you can borrow up to 8 samples at a time.
My #1 go-to fabric site.  They have the best designer home decor fabric.  Amy Butler, Premier Prints, Waverly, and my favourite Robert Allen.  The site also features a great tool...The Design Wall.  A great way to organize your choices.

Aug 9, 2011

Who knew picking out exterior windows would be so difficult!

When I met with my builder last week, one of the last things we picked out were the exterior windows.  I was in such a hurry - I had already been there for 3 hours, and my poor in-laws, who were watching the kiddies, were late for an appointment.

Anyway, Slav, my builder, blurts out "what colour do you want the grids".  What?  I dunno?  "Beige".... I'm playing it safe... and he says "Prairie Style, right?".  I respond "Yeah!", like I know what I am talking about.  What the 'h' is "Prairie style"...whatever.

Over the next day or two, I was literally losing sleep over these stupid windows.  My house is planed out to a T in my mind, and I can't have some dumb exterior windows throw a kink in my plans.  So, I email my agent just to be sure on my selections... the next day, my builder is on the phone and he explains to me that the grids will be white on the inside and beige on the outside.  Everything matches the trim.  That's just how it goes.  Great!  I'm thinking to myself "Those window people really are smart"!!!!  BUT, then he says, in his deep, ukie accent, "You want Prairie, not square".  Baaaaa, F-words, that prairie thing again.  I take a chance and say YES!!!

So, here I am, googling "Prairie Style Exterior Windows", and what do you know.... I LOVE it!

These windows are so HOT right now!!!  It seems like all of the new custom homes have this style grid and I must say, I don't blame them.  It’s surprising what a difference a window style can make on the overall appearance and function of a home. Prairie style windows are like a breath of fresh air and give a nice view. They have a dramatic impact on the exterior as well as a clear view from inside.

I am very happy with my choice!

Aug 2, 2011

Shopping in my PJs

My most favourite time of the month is when I open up my mailbox and see my monthly magazines in the mail.  Today, I got my Country Living magaizne.  I poured a glass of wine, took the kids outside and relaxed.  I'll read every page and sticky note any page that has an interesting webiste.  Once the kids are in bed, I'll pour another glass and visit each and every interesting webiste.  If I have another glass, I may order a few too many things, so I try and keep it light!

The most beautiful, colourful kitchen pieces that will compliment any one's country kitchen.  Read the company's is so intriguing!  I heard of this company many years ago, and to see it again in a magazine this month, makes me believe even more, that timeless pieces really are timeless.

I had a brass bed growing up.  I remember my mom picking it out of someone's garbage or some random garage sale when I was really little.  It sat in my basement for years until my mom some how got inspired to bring it back to life.  I remember her scrubbing it for hours on end...with toothbrushes and tiny cloths.  It was my bed for many years, and I have no idea what happened to it.  I'm not a fan of brass beds, but something about them brings me back to my pre-teen years.  Maybe I'll get one for Grace one day.

This site has the most beautiful beds.  Not sure I would ever order one because they cost a fortune, but it's a great resource for some inspiration.

I love stumbling across websites that have completely unique pieces.  Stuff you'll never find in stores and that will have people asking "where did you get that".  I found this website eons ago in Real Simple magazine.  I have yet to order anything, since I am as frugal as they come, but I am always clicking on the "outlet" section.  P.S. Don't forget to request a catalogue!

I have this ongoing list in my email called "XMas Gifts"... It's a list of gift ideas I come across throughout the year.  I know, I'm weird.... But you'll be jealous once December 1st comes around and you have no idea what to get anyone!!!  Anyway, I just added this website to my list for a certain someone that just happens to love their pooch as much as I do!   A tree stump dog dish...How cute?!?!?

I think this is just a genius idea.  Take a plain, old mirror and give it life.... a customized life to say the least!  Since I have been married, I have moved 7 times (the new house will be my 8th).... and in that time I have collected quite a few ugly, staple bathroom mirrors.  I've never been able to say goodbye to them, and they have always just sat in my closet.  Now I have a way to dress them up and make them my own.  I am very excited to use this site once I move in.

Feel like shopping in China Town, but not willing to make the trip to NYC?  This is the site.  The shipping is a little sketchy here, but you will not find more beautiful Chinese print fabrics any where else. 

Happy Shopping!!!